Pursuant to the Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, with subsequent amendments ("Law 677/2001"), the company Kiwee Comunicatii SRL, having its headquarters at Bucharest, registered with the Trade Registry under the number J40/703/22.01.2003, having sole identification code RO 15143378 ("Kiwee") intends to administer, collect, record, store, use and/or disclose to third parties (together referred to as "Processing") the personal data transmitted by you, in accordance with the terms and conditions described hereinafter and under compliance with the Law 677/2001.
By this Agreement for the processing of personal data, your consent is required pursuant to the Law 677/2001, so that your personal data may be Processed according to the provisions below:


Kiwee intends to process your personal data, which are set out below, for the following purposes that are related to the process of staff recruiting for the occupation of present or future jobs within Kiwee or within the companies of the group American Greetings Corporation, of which Kiwee is part:
  • Creation of a general record /online data base of the persons who transmitted their Personal Data, either directly, by the application available on the website or by the mediation of a third party you have authorized to supply us your Personal Data (social media networks, such as LinkedIn etc.); such data shall be processed so that the recruitment processes initiated by Kiwee can be carried out, conducted and managed.
  • Transmission of any of these Personal Data to the companies of the group American Greetings Corporation in the USA, so that the recruitment process can be conducted based on their requirements.
In order that recruitment processes can be properly managed, you may be contacted by e-mail, phone calls or texting.
Personal Data that are to be processed are the following:
  • Personal Data to be used for the identification of applicants, including their name and first name, gender, e-mail address and phone number;
  • Personal Data related to the education / professional training of applicants, including information regarding the school they graduated from, the qualification courses they attended, their studies and the level thereof;
  • Personal Data related to the professional activity of the applicants, including information regarding their profession, work experience, area of specialization, previous jobs, current job, position and function.
Any failure to supply the aforementioned Personal Data would prevent the recording of your offer and thus would lead to your losing the opportunity of working for the benefit of Kiwee or other entities from the group American Greetings Corporation.
It is very important that the information you supply to us in the blank fields, as well as in the files, links or documents you upload should not contain confidential information or sensitive personal data, such as: your racial or ethnic origin, your ideology or political beliefs, your religious or philosophical beliefs, your affiliation to any political parties or trade unions, your physical or mental health, any biometrical or genetic configuration data, your sexual orientation, your criminal record, your personal identification number etc. Should you provide us confidential information, please assume your own responsibility regarding all and any possible risks related to your confidentiality. If we identify sensitive personal data, we will delete them from our systems and under no circumstances will they be considered for the recruitment process.
The companies of the group American Greetings Corporation shall process Personal Data only pursuant to the instructions of Kiwee, which shall remain the data controller of Personal Data.
Personal Data shall be transferred to US companies of the Group either based on the EU-US Privacy Shield or based on agreement containing standard agreement clauses (pursuant to the Decisions 2001/497/EC or 2004/915/EC), which regulate the transfer of data from Romanian operators to operators from states in which regulations do not provide a privacy level that is at least equal to that offered by Romanian regulations.
Personal Data listed above are those collected and stored in an online application, which is hosted on servers belonging to a company of the group Amazon Web Services, which is located on US territory, which shall process Personal Data for hosting purposes and in order to provide back-up services. Amazon Web Services has joined the framework of the US Privacy Shield, as regulated by the Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use and retention of personal information from the member states of the European Union (EU).


Personal Data can be accessed by the staff of Kiwee or of the companies within the Group American Greetings Corporation., according to their attributions, which are specific to their position and in compliance with internal regulations, specifically only for the purpose for which they have been communicated (managers, HR staff, persons authorized to have access to Personal Data for the staff recruitment process).
The aforementioned personal data can be communicated to other companies with which Kiwee or the companies part of the Group have partnerships (personnel recruitment service providers, call center providers, etc.) in order to fulfill the purpose it is collected for, but only on the condition that said companies ensure maintaining confidentiality of the data and adopt measures for its security


Kiwee intends to process Personal Data for the entire term that is necessary so that the Purposes for which data are processed could be accomplished, pursuant to applicable legal provisions, yet no longer than 12 months as of the date when you have communicated your data.
Subsequently, Personal Data shall be deleted and no copy of them shall be kept, [unless you expressly request or agree that we may retain them in order to notify you of further job opportunities].


Pursuant to the provisions of the Law 677/2001, you are kindly informed that you are entitled to the following rights related to the Processing or Personal Data by Kiwee:
  • - the right of access to Personal Data - any person has the right to obtain, upon request and free of charge for one request per year, the confirmation of the fact that data concerning them are processed by the operator or not;
  • - the right of intervention upon data - any person is entitled to require, by a dated and signed written application, that data should be rectified, updated, blocked or deleted;
  • - the right to object - the person is entitled to object at any time, by a dated and signed written application, to the possibility that the data related to them might be processed or revealed to third parties;
  • - the right to avoid individual decisions adopted exclusively based on automatic processing of Personal Data;
  • - the right to open court proceedings or to file a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority so as to appeal against the decisions of Kiwee;
  • - the right to file a suit and claim damages for the violation of rights pursuant to the Law no. 677/2001.
The rights stipulated above may be exerted by sending a dated and signed written application to Kiwee, at the address B-dul Iuliu Maniu nr. 7, corp A, etaj 3, sector 6, Bucuresti, e-mail :
You may consent or refuse to consent to the Processing of Personal Data.
If you intend to consent to the processing of Personal Data, you need to accept this Agreement for the Processing and Transfer Abroad of Personal Data, by checking the corresponding icon.
If you refuse to consent to the Processing of Personal Data, we kindly inform you that Kiwee will not be able to collect / enter your Personal Data in the HR data basis mentioned under point 1 above or to send any of your Personal Data to other companies of the Group.
Within the limitations of the law, Kiwee ensures the privacy of your Personal Data and that your right to the maintain privacy on your private life is complied with.