Craft your career with American Greetings Romania

1. Meaningful connections

We love our business and the people we work with every day. American Greetings is not just a job, it's a story made of all the stories that made us who we are. And this story can also be yours. It can be a story about how to successfully start and develop your career, about how you can join a team that is eager to invest in you, about how you can keep up with the technologies that you like the most or how you can fuel your passions together with the people you like.

At American Greetings we're different because everything we do is about people. Meaningful connections are at the heart of everything we do every single day, and not just for our customers but also for ourselves.

2. Professional and personal growth

Apart from creating meaningful connections, American Greetings Romania is the place where top notch technologies meet to create the future. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or at the very top, American Greetings Romania can represent a solid reference for your knowledge and professional value as a whole.

This promise is guaranteed by our team of professionals that is keen on making you part of their success. Constant dedication and robust time are put at stake to make you stronger in programming/technical skills and AG business savvy. If you really are passionate about technology or programming, our Bucharest office provides you the right environment to develop and achieve full potential. Each department of our office has a dedicated plan for growth and expansion, monitored and owned by a talented leader. Each leader puts time, effort, passion and energy into bringing exciting projects, acquiring solid expertise and enjoying the tremendous satisfaction of your working results. Rewards and awards speak for themselves.

In American Greetings, we encourage you not only to fulfill whatever professional potential you have but also to design and experience the flavor of your own life. Personal experiences are highly appreciated and welcomed. Watching movies, teambuilding, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, traveling or gaming together are just a small glimpse into what happens off work. We're not only interested in how you develop on a professional level but also in living the experiences you need in order to feel renewed and remain creative.

In American Greetings you'll find a working place where you are stimulated to have the development you want but also the balance you need. Also, through our Development Academy, we help you to consistently balance your professional growth with your personal growth. A wide variety of technology and personal development programs are especially designed to make your career path as well as your individual growth make a difference in your life. In fact, we encourage you to become the best version of who you want to be whether it's about technology, creativity or just you as a human being.

3. Expanding horizons, sharing the knowledge

Experience sharing with U.S. team is common for Romania's most talented resources. Every year, our most talented human capital benefits from U.S. working trips.

For many of our young talented employees, having the chance to go to America proves that their work is appreciated and valued. Moreover, meeting the team from Cleveland and spending time with them helps our talented employees understand the projects they're working on a lot better and gives them the drive to go the extra mile and not just settle with safe roads. When working with the team from Cleveland directly, our employees have the clear feeling of belonging to a larger team and this aspect gives them extra energy to grow as developers, and most important, as a person.

During the time spent there, our employees learn a lot of things about the area they're working in and expand their horizon regarding what American culture is all about: "Direct experience of seeing a football match, celebrating Halloween, getting acquainted with their specific traditions and getting to know the people I'm working with, changed me a lot. I left America being inspired by the people I've met, impressed by their passion and motivated to do my best at work".

4. Creative business place

What people appreciate more and more in American Greetings is the relaxed atmosphere. Colleagues treat each other with genuine kindness and enjoy the presence, contribution or help of one to another. In our Bucharest office you'll find a joyful atmosphere. Our working place is defined by creativity and fun

A place where the experience of working togheter for the last 15 years entwines with the fresh vibe of the talented graduates that join us every year. Where creativity meets technology giving the spirit of the business we want to be.

Starting with 2018 you'll find us in a new office inspired by the values we trust: people, innovation, success, creativity and collaboration.


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